Smart, sustainable growth.

Smart, sustainable growth.

Rated #1 in the UK

The Hadleigh Timber Group is made up of a number of established timber businesses throughout the UK. The product range spans all industry products with a turnover approaching 500 million. The business continues to grow organically and by strategic acquisitions.


Market leading

The head office of the business is based in London with the main operational base in Stoke-on-Trent. Distribution is via our strategically located warehouse amounting to sum 2 million square ft. Our dedicated and own fleet are operated solely for the business.

  • Panelco
  • Meyer
  • Premium Timber Products Ltd.
  • Timbmet

Industrial timber

Industrial timber use has provided revenue from timber that has helped make timber supply and demand more sustainable in the leading timber producing regions of the world.

Forests as a whole provide vital ecosystem services, and act as important atmospheric carbon sinks.

- U.S. Forest Service


Trade in forest products has increased significantly over the past 50 years, particularly in processed wood products such as sawn timber, pulpwood, board, and wood-based panels. Global trade in panel products has increased by 800 percent in the past three decades.