Panelco has a high turnover of products, dealing with more than 500 orders a day and loading overnight in order to meet the next-day delivery guarantee. This level of service requires years of experience of fast turnaround delivery and a dedicated, professional workforce to meet the stringent logistical requirements of delivering to customers large and small at such short notice.

All the company’s products are available from stock, a major factor in its reputation for reliability and professionalism. Product ranges include:

  • Melamine Faced Products
  • High Gloss Panels
  • Veneered Panels
  • Chipboard
  • Perforated Panels
  • Fire Protection Board
  • Hardboard
  • OSB
  • MDF
  • Laminates
  • Edging
  • Cut & Edged Furniture Panels
  • Worktops
  • Pinboard
  • Softwood & Hardwood Panels
  • Plywood
  • Doors And Door Blanks
  • Shower Panels

Added Value Services
Extensive investment in equipment and vehicles is the cornerstone of Panelco’s renowned reliability and fast delivery and the company is justifiably proud of its outstanding record of next-day delivery on orders placed before 5pm.

  • Specialised cut-to-size machining service, available on all panel products.
  • Machining of general board products, for use in exhibitions, mobile homes, specialist flooring, gardening and construction.
  • Panelco have invested heavily in the last 2 years to maintain its reputation for reliable nextday delivery.

Chain of Custody Certification
Machining goods in-house enables Panelco to maintain fast turnaround times, but also preserves the Chain of Custody certification on FSC® products. Third party suppliers may not have the necessary Chain of Custody procedures in place, which would potentially nullify the certification.

Customer Support
Panelco is set up to provide timber and panel product customers with very competitive prices, streamlined pricing and fast, reliable delivery, with no minimum charges. Years of experience in the UK commercial timber industry have shown that these are the priorities customers are looking for, so they form the backbone of Panelco’s service.

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