The Hadleigh Timber Group brings together four of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of timber products for the building industry and the DIY market.

The individual companies each provide valuable attributes, giving the Group a unique position within the UK timber products market which enables it to provide a first class service to customers throughout the entire country, supported by the stability and expertise of the Hadleigh heritage.

The Hadleigh Timber Group is now one of the UK’s leading wood panel products suppliers, with a supply and delivery network which spans the entire country, from The Channel Islands to the Scottish Highlands, and sets new industry standards in fast and reliable order processing and transportation.

The companies within the Group are individually known for their exceptional levels of customer service and specialist in-house production capabilities. Together they provide the UK commercial timber market with unparalleled opportunities for rapid response to customer demand and changing market conditions, particularly in the development of new products.

As members of the Hadleigh Timber Group they now have access to new levels of funding and expertise. This will support research and development of new products, designs and techniques to improve productivity, meet customer demand and keep up with an industry which has seen sweeping changes in recent years. Higher, post-recession levels of demand in the DIY sector, coupled with the ongoing UK building boom, will continue to provide significant opportunities for companies able to respond and process orders quickly and cost effectively.

Timber is one of the most environmentally friendly raw materials available today, and being naturally renewable, will continue to be important to the UK economy and environment. As one of the biggest names in the UK timber industry, The Hadleigh Timber Group places great emphasis on ensuring that all our packaging and manufacturing processes are as sustainable and recyclable as possible, particularly with regard to the Chain of Custody certification on FSC® products.

The Hadleigh Timber Group will continue to grow as and when additional opportunities to add new strengths and capabilities become available. Given that the demand for innovation and improvement in the UK timber industry shows no signs of decreasing, this looks set to be a continuous process.